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Our CrisisAlert system empowers teachers and administrators to act and respond with confidence in every situation, from the every day to the extreme. When educators and children feel safe and secure, they can get back to focusing on their goals: learning and academic achievement.

CENTEGIX™ exists to innovate technology to save and enrich lives in the K-12 environment. Our motto, “Every Second Matters,” echoes Lori Alhadeff’s powerful mantra, “Time equals life,” inspired by her work to promote Alyssa’s Law. Since the launch of CrisisAlert, we have been singularly driven to develop a solution that stands up to the rigors and limitations of real-world emergencies while minimizing the time and fine motor skills required to initiate and respond to whatever crisis arises.

Our CrisisAlert badge is the fastest and easiest way for teachers and staff to immediately get help, anywhere on campus.

Commensurate with the MSDHS Safety Commission’s report, our CrisisAlert badge not only empowers every employee to request individual help (StaffAlert), but it ensures all employees can initiate a lockdown/CODE RED (CampusAlert) via a body-worn device.
In both situations, notifications are sent to designated responders (including automatic 911 call generation if a lockdown/CODE RED is initiated), providing key information (person and their location on campus), to ensure response time is minimized and enable tight coordination between multiple first responder agencies.

Our solution can unite diverse emergency services technologies via our strategic partnerships designed to handle all types of emergencies, from on-site badge-level activations or remote campus-wide alerts to protect from nearby criminal activity, severe weather, threats, etc. Our unique solution provides an integrated crisis management platform that accelerates the critical response times and communications needed throughout an emergency.

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