How do I become a member?

All 55 school districts in WV are already a member of AEPA.  

Click here to search our database to find your district or school.

If you are a municipality or non-profit 501(c) you can become a member of AEPA – Click Here to Register

How much does it cost to be a member?
Membership is FREE.  There are no strings, no obligations, and no cost.
How can the service be free?
Costs of the cooperative are covered by a minimal fee paid by the vendor to participate in the national cooperative. By leveraging nationwide demand, AEPA WV can get low prices for our members.
Why do we not have to bid when buying from AEPA vendors?
The Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies has done the bidding for you following strict bidding standards.  Therefore, every WV school district, municipality or non-profit 501(c) can participate and start saving time and money today.  

View Vendor Contracts and Bids

How do I get pricing?
Pricing is presented in various formats. You can find pricing on the Contracts and Bids page, contact the vendor directly, or request a quote if your project requires it.

View All Vendors

AEPA WV has posted pricing for each awarded contract. Follow these steps:

1) Search the contract by vendor name or product;
2) Click on the contract product-line;
3) Click on pricing.

If you need further information please contact Tammy Stowers at [email protected] or 304-766-0011 ext. 24.

How do I submit an order?
Contact the vendor representative to set up an AEPA account.  Send your orders directly to the vendor.  Include AEPA WV on your purchase order.  You may include the contract number (it can be found on our website here).  

If this is your first time ordering using our contract, you may contact Tammy Stowers at [email protected] or 304-766-0011 ext. 24 for support.   Remember, you have to have a public WV educational designation, be a WV municipality, or a non-profit with a 501(c) status to use AEPA WV Contracts.  AEPA WV must have a copy of all 501(c) documentation.  Send 501(c) documentation to Tinessa Williamson ([email protected]).

Is AEPA WV a school district or government agency?
AEPA WV is a cooperative purchasing program that is legal and bid-compliant by the state of West Virginia.  It is currently operated by Mountain State ESC.  As a public education agency, we derive our bidding authority from West Virginia state law, which extends that right and responsibility to local jurisdictions.
Our primary contact has retired. How can I update our agency’s contact information?
Call or email Rachel Bias at [email protected] or 304-766-0011 ext. 14. To download a spreadsheet of the current membership list, click here.
How do I express an opinion about a vendor?
Call or email the Executive Director, Jan Hanlon at [email protected] or 304-766-0011 ext. 26.  
How do I report a problem or suggestion about the website?
Call or email the Executive Director, Jan Hanlon at [email protected] or 304766-0011 ext. 26.  

Have a question? Contact Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies of West Virginia

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Phone: 304-766-0011

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