Local agency in your state manages the contract

AEPA contracts are bid competitively and tailored to meet each member state’s specific legal requirements. We streamline the bidding and purchasing process through a single locally and nationally recognized purchasing solicitation.

Volume contracts based on 29 state participation.

AEPA is a national cooperative of educational purchasing professionals representing lead agencies in their respective states. Each contract is available statewide and is facilitated by one cooperative member agency, which is AEPA WV for you.

Attract and leverage national vendors.

Combining the needs of 25 million students provides an incentive to vendors to offer AEPA their best price and the highest quality products.

Avoid duplication and expense of the bid process.

With shrinking budgets and fewer resources, school districts and public agencies are looking to AEPA more than ever to meet their purchasing requirements. Collaborative purchasing expertise insures that our contracts are legal, safe and bid law compliant.

It’s Your Choice.

You know what you’re looking for – leverage the savings opportunity. With AEPA West Virginia’s national, competitively solicited contracts, you can get the brands you prefer when you want them.

Government, education, and non-profit agencies benefit from easy access to high quality products, equipment and services at a competitive price – that’s the real value of quality savings!

Your Agency Receives

  • Contracts competitively solicited on your behalf
  • Formal contracting process satisfied – avoids duplication
  • Reduced vendor protests
  • No cost, liability or obligation membership
  • Life cycle cost efficiencies
  • Nationally leveraged volume pricing
  • Save time and money
  • Eliminates low-bid, low-quality issues
  • Choice of high-quality equipment, products and services

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