SICO America

SICO America

K-12 Schools look to SICO for innovative products designed to maximize space utilization.  The Next Generation Has Arrived!  SICO’s Mobile Folding Cafeteria Tables are new and completely redesigned!  Each table is a complete system of unique elements engineered to work in harmony to create a table that is nearly effortless for your staff to operate. Key NEW features are the mechanical strut and lifetime warranty. No more tables becoming harder to lift, EVER! Plus new color options and a new Comfort Stool with Accent Guard to give your space a unique look!

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SICO America, Inc.

First/Last Name of Primary Contact for our Members:

Tony Kincade
Northeast Regional Sales Manager – The Americas
c: 724.513.2968 | d: 952.829.5728| f: 952.941.6688

Dan Reisetter
Education Sales Manager – The Americas
p: 952-829-5150 l t: 800-742-6462 l c: 651-492-7946


Telephone Number of Primary Contact: 800-742-6462

Email of Primary Contact: See Above

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February 8, 2018

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